Kozue is a character in the Mo-Retsu! Boing Sensei series.

Kozue 1


Kozue is considered as one of the fastest rising porn stars in the industry, a  profession she hides from her twin sister, Miki Motokura.


Miki MotokuraEdit

Kozue and Miki Motokura are twin sisters, which Takeshi finds out after visiting their apartment. Even though she finds her a bit of a ditz she does love her.

Asuza Edit

Asuza works as her boss. They are good friends (though she didn't know she was a former porn star despite this). Asuza tends to help her out if she has any problems.

Takeshi Kono Edit

Takeshi is her biggest fan. Because of his love of porn, he will sometimes help her with her work. It's been strongly hinted that she has feelings for him such as when she was in funk from constantly thinking about him, only to be brought out of it by having sex with him again.